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High Reflector

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Material BK7, Zerodue, Pyrex
Center Wavelength N.A
Transmission Band  N.A
FWHM Bandwidth  (nominal)  N.A
Blocking Band 1 Rs(avg)>99%,Rp(avg)>98% @488-700nm
Blocking Band 2  
Blocking Band 3  
P polarization  
S polarization  
Angle of Incidence AOI=0°-45°, Collimated Light
Optical Damage Threshold  
Diameter   25.4mm, 50.8 mm or specific size
Diameter Tolerance +/ -0.25 mm
Substrate Thickness 13 mm
Substrate Thickness Tolerance +/ -0.01 mm
Substrate Effective Index 1.52
Centration 3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture 0.85
Surface Flatness λ/20
Surface Quality 20-15 scratch and dig
Bevel N.A