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Coating Capabilities

From dielectric film to metallic film, from UV to FIR, SVOTek is fully equipped to assist you with your coating needs.

Part Size and associated machine:

In order to satisfy our customer’s needs from small to large optics, we have different size chambers to process your coating.

1.IBS – Process up to 12 inch diameter wafers.

2.Leybold E-beam – SVOTek has four different sizes:

- Our Leybold 1104 chamber is 1.1 meter (43.3") diameter and its coating area is a 36" diameter.

- Our Leybold 1504 chamber has 4 planetary spindles; each of those has 20" diameter.

- Our Leybold 1510 chamber is 20" diameter. 

- Our Leybold 904 chamber is 1.1. meter(43.3") diameter.

We have planetary, dorm, APS and dual APS for the ebeam machines which will satisfy different application and needs.

4.IAD: Our IAD chamber is 1.1 meter (43.3 inch) diameter.

5,In-line sputtering machine - 400mm0x450mm. It’s equipped with three targets. We can add more chambers based on your needs.


Substrate Type


SVOTek has extensive experience coating optical and filter glasses, sapphire, fused quartz/silica, crystal materials, ZnSe and Ge, etc. Customized coated solutions include coatings for plastic substrates(acrylic/PMMA) and AR-coating fiber optic tips.




Coating Materials

Metals: Ta2O5, Ti3O5, Nb2O3, Al2O5, MgF2, Y2O3, YF3, ZnS, ZnSe, Cu, Al, Ag, HfO2, Zr, Ge, and ITO. Please contact our sales team if you have different materials needs. Our engineering team will work with you to select the most suitable materials for your application.



Wavelength Rage and Uniformity

Our coatings range from 193nm to 25 microns from our e-beam equipment Our IBS coating equipment processes coatings to