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BIO and Life Science Application

There is rapid growth in the biomedical, medical and life science markets. Due to the breakthroughs and innovation of these sciences during past several decades, diagnostic and laboratory equipment manufacturers have more and more demanding specifications for their equipment. SVOTek serves these industries through support and development of standard and custom optical components used in many of their medical applications and instruments.

We maintain superior deposition control in coating cut-on and cut-off wavelengths to support fluorescence-based and other applications. We manufacture these filters to excellent signal-to-noise ratios, wavelength selectivity, durability and stability necessary in these medical devices.

SVOTek offers Bandpass filters, fluorescence Bandpass filters, steep edge filters, single or multi-line Notch filters, Dichroic beam splitters and other optical components that lead the industry in performance, reliability and price. Please consider SVOTek your ‘go-to’ source for filters to meet your challenging system and application requirements.