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Testing Capabilities

SVOTek has a complete line of testing instrumentation to validate the performance of the all the optical components we manufacture. If requested, we will include (at a minimal charge) testing results with each shipment. Please contact our team if you have specific testing needs (STP, Source Inspection, AQL, etc.). Our testing services are also available as stand-alone to support your testing requirement for your existing products.


Spectrum Measurement

SVOTek has a wide range of metrology instruments that allows spectral data to be measured from 192nm to 30um. Measurements can be made in transmission and reflection with or without polarization. Angle measurements are also available per customer’s request.

  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 900/35 UV/VIS/NIR
  • Shidmadzu at VU/VIS/NIR
  • Varian 640IR - FTIR Spectrometer
  • Agilent

Surface Roughness and Flatness Measurement

  • Zygo GPI™/XPI™ Non-contact phase Interferometers

Step Height Testing

  • Optical Profilometer