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John Gao, Ph.D, President & CEO


Dr. Gao has 15 years experience in the vacuum science, optics and thin film coatings industry. He was formerly the VP of Operations of Filteray Nano-optics Technology, Inc.; formerly Senior Director of Hoya Optics, Hoya USA; and he has been Principle and Chief Scientist for Seagate Technology, Hitachi USA and Hyundai (Maxtor) Electronics in magnetic thin film related industry over 10 years. He has published over 30 technical papers in various world-class scientific journals and magazines, and was an co-author of IEEE Encyclopedia 1999 (edited by John Webster published by Wiley & Sons). He holds 18 patents.

Zeb Chen, Ph. D, Vice president, Technology


Dr. Chen has 18 years experience in the high tech industry. He was formerly president of CG Coating Group; Formerly Engineering VP and funder at eCompare, Engineering VP and funder of Clubciti, Formerly Chief scientist at Siemens Optical Medical System. He has published over 40 technical papers and notes in various world-class scientific journals. He is holding 6 patents.

Mehgan Shan, CPA, MBA, Vice President, Operation


Ms. Shan has 15 years of experience of managing operations in the high tech and manufacturing industries. Formerly Director of Finance at Toyota USA in Fremont, California, Ms. Shan graduated from National ChingHua University to get her B.S. degree in business. She graduated from USC for her MBA, and holds a CPA license.