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Entertainment Application

Located in Silicon Valley, the high-tech center of the world, SVOTek provides coating support to computer, cell phone and touch-screen industry leaders. Our Anti-Reflection coatings, IR blocking coatings, ITO coatings and custom-designed coatings continue to improve our customers’ products performance.

SVOTek offers several optically-maximized Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings which are used in all electronic applications that require high levels of reliability, consistency and mechanical integrity.

SVOTek also offers anti-reflective coated films to reduce reflection which is continues to be a problem for touch screen manufacturers. Our AR coated films offer exceptional surface hardness for extreme durability (DLC-capability). We also have customized heat-blocking coatings to limit the heat generated from ambient light sources so the life and usage of touch screen electronics can be significantly improved.