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Infrared Coating Technology

SVOTEK has been a leading supplier for infrared filters, coatings and optics for both military and commercial uses for many years. Our experience in IR coatings include the Near IR (0.7 - 5 micron), Mid-IR (5 – 8 microns) and Far IR (8 - 12 microns). We support both R&D and commercial customers in these select markets.

SVOTek offers high-efficiency, Broadband Anti-Reflection, Dual-Band AR, Bandpass and Beam Splitter coatings on the follow substrates (as examples) and their ranges:

Germanium (Ge): 3-5um and 8-12um

Silicon(Si): 3-5um and 8-12um

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe): 3-5um, 8-12um

The above coatings are designed to provide high transmittance and low reflectance. They are often used in passive imaging systems to maximize input into a sensor.


Our infrared coating technologies have also been used in night vision imaging programs, security cameras and gas sensors.

There have been several night vision programs we have participated in and almost all have included extremely challenging conditions, necessitating the development of very durable coatings.

Security cameras are not only used in military but also in business, shopping centers and homes. Our coatings extend the optics’ performance from visible to Near IR without sacrificing the images.

We also support gas sensors which are used in detection of particulates and solution concentrations in many environmental applications, many involving the booming spectroscopy market.

We recognize the commercial market demand continues to grow for infrared optics. Our advantage is our adaptability to these changing customer requirements. This experience continues to support the growing demand to deliver high quality IR optics to our customers.