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About Us

Company History

Silicon Valley Optics Technology, Inc. is formed by a group of formerly Hoya Optics USA  high level managers, scientists and engineers. In 2003, at the state of Hoya Optics USA about closing their coating operation, Dr. John Gao led his group of core engineering, sales and operation came out Hoya and merged with Filteray Nano Optics Technology, Inc., becoming Silicon Valley Optics Technology, Inc. (SVOTek). SVOTek has maintained all technologies and kept all engineering talents, as well as the marketing and sales forces of the two entities. With the two group's long tradition in optics, optical thin film coating as well as technical-know-how, SVOTek has become a leader in the Optics fabrication, optical coatings, and optics component assembly industry.

Experience and Expertise of the SVOTeK Engineering and Management Team:

  • 25 years experience in thin film and vacuum coating technology
  • 20 years experience in optics and precision optics technology
  • 20 years electronics and optical instrumentation experience
  • 20 years expertise of Precision Optics fabrication 
  • 20 years experties in IBS - Veeco Ion Tech, IAD - Leybold APS, and Optorun coater systems