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SVOTek’s newly facility upgrade, - Classs 1000 and class 10k cleanrooms

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All coating and testing/inspection work is done in class 1000 and 10K cleanroom environment .
SVOTek has the best coating technology and capability: Dual ion-beam coatings using Veeco Spector Ion Tech coaters Very dense, non-porous structure, insensitive to both temperature change and moisture. Low scatter and less absorption yields higher damage thresholds. Best for laser applications and the most advanced narrow band pass (NBP) filters. Currently building 300+ layer stacks which are being used in telecom applications. E-beam coatings,, Leybold APS IAD using Leybold coaters Dense, very low porosity, environmentally stable films fit for deep UV, visible to near infra-red (IR) wavelengths, small to large up to 1.4 meters coating parts. Very versatile chamber for laser coatings to recently popular coatings on plastics. IAD coating technology using Optorun OTFC coaters Dense film stack is also an excellent choice for the UV to IR ranges.
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