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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

POSITION TITLE: Director of Precision Optics

POSITION DUTIES: In charge of manufacture planning, supervise fabrication staff and control project progress; Lead US headquarter optics project development and China volume production process; Design product manufacture procedures for new projects; Implement new process for the projects in development stage; Prepare work instruction for ISO and new staff training; Review department monthly performance and output and modify production process to make improvements; Keep abreast with the optics technology development, and authorize advanced optics R&D projects; Work closely with our marketing and sales group with new product and market development.



EXPERIENCE:Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology or closely related plus 2 years of experience in the job as Engineering Manager or closely related.


Hours:  40 hours per week


Job site/Intv:Fremont, CA


Contact:Mehgan Shan, VP of Operation

Silicon Valley Optics Technology, Inc.

44141 S. Grimmer Blvd

Fremont, CA 94538

Tel: 510-449-9157



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